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DEVICO 32oz Water Bottle with Time Marker, BPA Free & Frosted Tritan Plastic, Fast Flow & Leak Proof Flip Lid, Best Choice for Cycling, Running, Camping or Office Work

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Product Description

DEVICO water bottleDEVICO water bottle

Cool but Elegant, Make Life Colorful!


Why Choose DEVICO? 6 Detailed Designs, Make You Fall in Love with Drinking Water.

Quick to DrinkQuick to Drink

Wide MouthWide Mouth


Quick to Drink

One click pop-up lid, with a large drinking water mouth, gives you quick, easy access to your fresh water, also offers you spill proof drinking. Just open and close the bottle on the go with one hand.

Wide Mouth, Easy to Add Ice or Fruit

The wide mouth design allows you to easily add water, ice cubes or favorite fruits to the bottle. And you will find that this design makes it very simple when you clean this water bottle, which can save you a lot of time.

Filter, Prevent Ice or Fruits from Falling

The exquisite filter design is easy to take out and easy to install. This allows you to add ice cubes or fruit to the bttle. Drinking cool ice water in one sip really makes people feel happy.

Leak Proof DesignLeak Proof Design

Slim Body with Carry StrapSlim Body with Carry Strap

Time MarkerTime Marker

Leak Proof Design, Choose A Peace of Mind

Double leak-proof design, the safety lock ensures that the lid is always closed, even if you are running or cycling. Plus 360 sealed silicone gasket design ensures that not a single drop will leak. Please take it with confidence!

Slim Body with Carry Strap, Take It on the Go

The stylish carry strap allows you to release your hands when you need it. Coupled with a slim body design, the DEVICO water bottle can be easily placed in a bicycle water bottle holder or bag sleeve.

Time Marker, Keep Hydrated

Our product department specially designed a time marker for the DEVICO water bottlle. This can very well help you keep your body hydrated at all times. And let us know clearly how much water we drink every day.

bpa free water bottlebpa free water bottle

BPA Free & Resuable Water Bottle

Why use Tritan plastic to make this water bottle?


The full name of Tritan: Tritan Copolyester, is a new generation of copolyester developed by Eastman Company in the United States. Tritan has passed the FDA certification (Food Contact Notification (FCN) No. 729) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is a designated material for infant products in Europe and the United States.

In addition to its advantages of no peculiar smell, high temperature resistance, clarity and transparency, and resistance to various detergents, the final thing is that it will not produce BPA when it is reused. Even at high temperatures, it will not produce any peculiar smell, nor will it release BPA in the water.

Tritan plastic belongs to No. 7 plastic, does it mean that it is NOT SAFE?

No.7 is NOT a measure of the safety of a product. The number is called the “resin identification code” and is intended to facilitate sorting of materials for recycling. Currently, resin identification code “7” is for “other” resins that are not defined by codes 1 to 6. Thus, a number of unrelated plastics can carry a code 7, including Tritan, polycarbonate, nylon and even the newer bio-plastics.

About the advantages of Tritan plastic

BPA Free


Easy to Clean


High Transparency

High Temperature Resistance

Take It on the Go, Enjoy Every Day of Life!


Water Bottle for Cycling: The DEVICO water bottle is designed to have a width of 3 inches in diameter. It fits most bicycle water bottle holders. Coupled with the special air pressure design of the bottle, it has a fast water flow. This makes us feel happy when we stop and drink water.

Water Bottle for Travle: Use high-quality rubber to increase the leak-proof function of the bottle. Please rest assured to put it in your travel bag. Coupled with double locking, under any circumstances, it will be one of your most assured choices.

Water Bottle for Daily Life: On the basis of the capacity marker, we specially added a time marker to it. Let it stay in our sight, a beautiful water bottle will make us happy, and the most important thing is to keep us hydrated at all times.

Water Bottle for Gym: Keep exercising and stay hydrated. The simple design of the flip lid makes drinking water not disrupt our rhythm. Take it to workout together, a happy life is even to stay hydrated is a pleasant thing.

Water Bottle for Hiking: The slim body makes the DEVICO water bottle suitable for any bag sleeve. When hiking, we can take it out to drink water, or put it in the bag sleeve easily. Owning a DEVICO water bottle is a matter without hesitation!

water bottle with time markerwater bottle with time marker

BPA & TOXIN FREE – Safety is the first factor we consider. We use Tritan high-performance transparent materials developed in the US, 100% BPA FREE and TOXIN FREE. To ensure that the water bottle WON’T produce harmful chemicals or strange plastic taste.
Time & Capacity Markers – After ensuring safety, We hope to do something to make you healthier. So we added capacity and time markers to this water bottle to help you know whether you drink enough water every day. Especially when you are in fitness, losing weight or working in offece, it will be a powerful partner.
Practical & Effective Design – The flip top lid is designed with carry a safety lock, making it leak-proof and dust-proof, so that you can safely carry it in your backpack. After opening the safety lock, we only need to press the button with one hand to open the lid.
Wide Mouth & Filter – The unique wide mouth design ensures that this water jug has a fast water flow. With the filter, you can easily add ice cubes and favorite fruits to the water bottle. Whether you are in sports or daily life, this water bottle is our must-have choice.
Ideal Gift Choice – This water bottle with good quality is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. On birthday, or Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc., this is a good gift idea you can consider.

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