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Rcool Ice Face Roller 2021& Gua Sha,Face Massager,Facial Beauty Ice Roller Skin Care Tools,Skin Care Products-For Face&Eyes,Remove Fine Lines,Shrink Pores,Reduce Acne and Lubricate the Skin. (Purple)

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Product Description




Customized your own recipes for your skin need
Reusbale & Refillable with multiple use,long-Lasting & Budget-friendly
Suit for all skin type,all genders and all age groups
Conventient for travel-size everyday essential in your trip
Antibacterial silicone material: Made from nontoxic material for your skin
Easy To Hold & Easy To Use
The gift that keeps on Beauty


Scope of Using Rcool Cube:

Suit for All Skin、All Genders、All Ages groups people.

The Rcool facial ice cube can solve your different skin problem with Dry, Redness,Oily etc. Especially in the summer to lower your skin Temp.


The Natually Beauty Solution:

Rcool Ice contour cube revives your skin and brightens up your skin, It can be taken for travel for everywhere.


We encourage experimenting with different ingredientsto see which best suits you. After icing your face, rinse with cold water and follow up with your moisturising routine.





Pour the water into the cube thright the hole at the top (90% less than full )

Before frozen, confirm the connection part is no water overflow

Keep it inside the freezer preferably overnight

Once forzen, rinse or put the cube for 30 seconds to open the cover


Once frozen, simply glide on clean skin in the morning or night for an instant or use over serums and face masks to accelerate product absorption.

Apply ice to your face daily in 30 second intervals and circular motions for optimal results.

Top Tip:

Don’t pour the water too full, and keep the connection no water overflow before freezer.
Wait a few minutes before opening, or run under water to loosen the lid.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.


What’s the best way to use my Rcool Cube?

Use Rcool cube once every day in 30 seconds intervals up to 2 mins on each side of your face. It should not last longer than 10-15 minutes. Use it in the morning or before going to bed at night.

How many times can I use my Rcool Cube?

It’s been designed to be used for up to one week with each refill. We suggest using your Rcool Cube each morning or night for an instant for tired skin, improving blood circulation, giving your face a healthy glow.

Should I wash my face after I use different recipes?

Yes, try different recipes to see which suits your skin type. After using Rcool Cube, rinse your face with water & follow up with your usual skincare routine.

Does Rcool cube reduce puffiness and shrink open pores?

Yes. “cold compress”on both eyes for a few minutes can depuff those dark eye bags. Ice tightens the pores on your skin. And using our DIY recipes with Rcool cube will eventually shrink the appearance of those large pores.

【Reduce redness】Secondly, applying face roller with ice on the face can reduce the length of red blood streaks, and stick to applying ice roller on your face to reduce the production of red blood streaks.
【Remove fine lines】Another benefit of applying face roller with ice on the face is to remove fine lines. If there are fine lines on your face, applying ice roller on the face will quickly restore smooth, white and tender skin.
【Other function】This ice contour cube irritates the skin, shrinks pores, and can effectively treat enlarged pores.It can also lubricate the skin, making it more elastic and contractile.In summer, it can lower the temperature of the sun-exposed skin, which is beneficial to the skin. Ice roller have the effect of constricting pores, calming the skin, and also effectively promoting blood circulation in the face.
【Perfect gift by FDA material】This ice face roller is made by silicone material by FDA approval,safety and durability.Also, the silicone skin care tools is food-grade, BPA free and non-toxic, safe to use it even for a baby.Great for mothers day,birthday,anniversary,holiday…or even “just because”.

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