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Vremi 13 Piece Mixing Bowl Set – Colorful Kitchen Bowls Colander Mesh Strainer with Handles Measuring Cups and Spoons – BPA Free Plastic Nesting Bowls with Easy Pour Spout for Baking Cooking and More

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Product Description

Vremi Logo Maker of 13 Piece Kitchen Mixing Bowl Set with Measuring SpoonsVremi Logo Maker of 13 Piece Kitchen Mixing Bowl Set with Measuring Spoons

Meet The Mix And Measure A Lot Set

My crew is cray ‘cause we make it so easy to bake, rattle, and roll all kinds of recipes, salads, dips, punch, and desserts together without a sweat. And why stop there? You can use us for mixing and making funky cool arts and crafts projects. Plus, we’re even pet and plant friendly if your cat, hamster, or fern wants a place to chill. So whether you want to throw a taco bowl party, make creamy peanut butter cookies, or stir up a storm of concoctions in the kitchen, we’ve got your stack. After all that, cleanup is quick and simple.

All-In-One Mixing and Measuring Kit

Constructed from lightweight, durable, BPA free plastic that nicely stacks together, this super functional 13 piece kitchen tool set is a great space saver in the cupboard or drawer.

The mixing bowls and measuring cups also feature open handles with hanging storage holes, for a secure grip and extra groovy maneuvering. The bright colors on each piece bring a happy decorative vibe to the kitchen, while making them easily identifiable too. So get friends and family involved, because there’s plenty of fun to go around.

Get the cooking party started right! Everything you need for meal prep mastery is here in this fabulously multi-functional 13 piece set, with 2 mixing bowls, 2 strainers and colanders, 4 stackable measuring cups, and 5 rainbow bright measuring spoons.

Cute and Colorful Measuring Tools

These 5 measuring spoons are color coded, so you don’t have to wince and squint to see which is which. Plus, each spoon has metric and US measurement labels for dry food or liquid ingredients to read in ounces or milliliters.

Check out the crew’s stats: orange 1 tablespoon (15 ml), blue 1 ½ teaspoon (7.5 ml), red 1 teaspoon (5 ml), purple ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml), yellow ¼ teaspoon (1 ml).

You can also use the spoons to test taste your food while it’s cooking too!

Everything You Need to Master the Art of Baking and More!

4 Nesting Measuring Cups

Scoop and measure the perfect amount of stuff to kick things off right. The cup handles have an ideal length which makes scooping flour, sugar, or other dry ingredients out of packaging or containers a breeze.

Choose from an orange 1 cup (250 ml), pink ½ cup (125 ml), teal ⅓ cup (85 ml), and green ¼ cup (60 ml).

You can even take them to the beach to build sand castles, or make flavored snow cups during the winter!

2 Piece Colander and Strainer

Prep without slowing down. The blue colander removes excess liquid from pasta, cooked veggies, or canned beans, in a snap. And the purple mesh sifter is perfect for dusting flour or powdered sugar.

You can even use the strainers and bowls for other things, like hand washing garments or storing all your collectable coins. The sifter, in particular, is excellent for gold mining in a river. Or so we’ve heard 😉

Large and Small Mixing Bowls

Go big AND small with two sized mixing bowls, so you can select the right quantity to get the right quality for your recipe.

The large red bowl with rubber non slip bottom (16.5 cup / 4 liters) holds steady while mixing, just in case things get wild.

​The small yellow measuring bowl with pour spout (2.4 cups / 0.5 liter) makes pouring batter and sauces easy without being a hot mess.

ALL AROUND MIXING & MEASURING SET – To prepare the perfect mix of ingredients, all that you need is right here. The small, yellow bowl with a featured pour spout makes pouring batter and sauces easy without any mess at all, and the large, red bowl with a non-slip, rubber bottom holds steady while you mix. Measuring cups and spoons are included as well
NESTING FOR EASY STORAGE – Everything in this set can be stored inside the large mixing bowl when not in use. Stacking each bowl, as well as the measuring cups and spoons together saves you precious space in your home kitchen drawer, RV, dorm, or apartment
RAINBOW COLORED PREP BOWLS – This stackable set comes in different, bright colors to make each tool easy to identify and create a happy vibe in the kitchen. It’s a fun addition to your home for cooking, preparing salad in a salad bowl, mixing dough, or serving popcorn on a movie night
MEASUREMENT FOR WET & DRY INGREDIENTS – Measuring cups, teaspoon and tablespoon, have marked metric and US measurements for dry or liquid food. The big mixing bowl has 16.5 cups or 4 quarts capacity, and the small mixing bowl has 2.4 cups or 0.5 quarts capacity. This set comes complete with a colander and a strainer
DISHWASHER SAFE ALL IN ONE SET – Includes 2 mixer bowls, 1 colander with a handle, 1 mesh strainer sifter, 4 measuring cups, and 5 measuring spoons all made of durable, non-toxic, BPA free plastic. All items in this set are dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning purposes

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